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Date:March 12, 2017 Category: In the News, US Testimonials



Dear Dick,

I wish to thank the Lynch Sales Company for running a successful store-closing event. We are a high-end furniture retailer, who has been in the business for 62years. We have decided to hire you again for a second time, and were glad we did. The sale exceeded our expectations! We not only hit our sales projections with an ad budget of 6%, but also did it with 47% in special order sales (which was crucial with our limited inventory). 

I also wish to thank you for sending Chris Kulikowski as our Conductor during our sale. He worked tirelessly with us from the beginning of the sale to the end. He was the first one in and the last one to leave everyday. He has an endless amount of energy with a very calm demeanor. Under some of the worst possible conditions, he prevailed and was calm, and was always able to diffuse any bad situation that came his way. He was the reason our sale was a success! The Lynch staff you have provided were very professional and worked their hearts out for Chris as well. 

Chris was always rearranging furniture and had a gift for setting the floor. He also worked tirelessly running our advertising campaign, training our sales staff, cashiering, wrapping and loading furniture. There was nothing he would not do to help make this sale a success that it was! He is certainly a gifted professional and an asset to the Lynch Sales Company. "Hold him close and treat him well, because good help is hard to find." As we mentioned earlier, we ran two events with you. 

Closing our store has been a difficult time for us. However, we couldn't have done it without the assistance of Chris Kulikowski and the Lynch Sales Company. Thank you again for your professional assistance in running our store-closing sale. I would highly recommend the Lynch Sales Company. 


Elena Lombardi 
Vice President