Lynch Sale in a Box

The Lynch Sale in a Box was created for smaller stores wanting to affordably raise cash, reduce inventory and improve their standing in the community. It’s actually a new marketing twist on a service that our company has offered for 30 years. It was formerly called a “consulting sale,” but we decided to re-market the program because we still found ourselves having to turn down small retailers calling for full-service events when they didn’t make sense financially.

Now, instead of doing nothing or perhaps hiring a competitor, a retailer can have a scaled down Lynch sale in his store for a nominal cost.


  • Charlotte’s Fine Furnishings

    "We met our sales volume goal, we exceeded the traffic goal with over 10,000 visitors and we were able to keep the advertising expense at 4%...We feel very fortunate to have chosen Lynch to conduct this final event of our long history bringing it to a successful conclusion."

    Melissa O'Rourke, CEO

    November 22, 2017
  • Traditions of Loveville

    "The ease with which the entire process occurred, from start to finish, was remarkable!"

    Rebecca K. Kozak, President

    September 06, 2017
  • Hampton House Furniture

    "We asked many of our sales reps who we should bring in as a 'closer'. Time and time again, Lynch Sales was the answer we received."

    Joan & Ron Fisch

    July 31, 2017
  • Lucas Furniture & Mattress

    "The Lynch Sale Event maintained our integrity and put us at ease quickly. Simply put, Lynch delivered!"

    Ken Lucas, Owner

    June 12, 2017
  • Bridgmans Fine home Furnishings

    "All we can say is "Wow"! The bottom line is... we made money."

    Steve Rutledge & Dan Rutledge

    May 30, 2017
  • Designer’s Showroom

    “We have just completed our second Sale with the Lynch Company. We met our goals and are very happy that we trusted the Lynch Sales Company to conduct our Sale. We give them 5 stars!”

    Randy Williamson, Owner

    August 14, 2017
  • WESCO Fine Furniture & Interiors

    “Because of my prior good experience with the Lynch Group, I did not have to waste time deciding who should handle the event, because in my opinion, Lynch is the gold standard for their particular business.”

    Gary Di Anthony, President

    March 27, 2017
  • Bograd’s Fine Furniture

    “This is the 7th Sale that Lynch Sales has run for us over a 20 year span.  We certainly have enjoyed our relationship with the Lynch family over these many years and thank you and your team for the wonderful job you all did in running our recent Store Closing Sale.”

    Joe Bograd, Owner

    December 17, 2016
  • Shubert Design Co.

    "This was the best Sale we have ever had."

    Jim Shubert, CEO

    March 04, 2015


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The sale in a box is a scaled-down version of the company’s copyrighted events, offering everything the retailer needs except for an on-site management team. The roughly 18-by-15-by-10-inch box includes a 17-day or 30-day sale package with signage, advertising, direct mail marketing and sale tags.

The package also comes with consulting service as Lynch works with its client on negotiating all advertising, creating and booking ads and posting on social media networks. Rather than having a sale coordinator in the store, retailers call or email Lynch at its main office for help throughout the event.

The cost is $4,500 for a three-week sale package and $6,500 for a five-week event. Retailers can expect to generate 15% to 20% of the store’s annual volume during what we call a “business stimulation event” and more during a “complete close-out event.”