Batte Furniture & Interiors

Date: November 22, 2019 Category: About Lynch, In the News, US Testimonials

"Our sale results were pretty amazing. On the first day we had over 2500 customers through the store and wrote the business we had projected to do in the first full week. We had anticipated the sale would run approximately 8 weeks but at the end of the 4th week we had essentially achieved our goals."


The Store Interiors

Date: November 05, 2019 Category: In the News, UK Testimonials

“Overall, we were extremely impressed by the professionalism of everyone involved. We would recommend Lynch to any business thinking of staging a major sale event.”


Toms Price Home

Date: October 16, 2019 Category: In the News, US Testimonials

"The store traffic during the event was excellent and the sales exceeded our plan by 40%. Overall, the sale ran very smoothly and accomplished our traffic, revenue and reputation goals."


Lindsay’s Furniture

Date: October 06, 2019 Category: In the News, US Testimonials

"We would not hesitate in recommending Lynch Sales Company to other retailers. Our overall advertising expense was less than 3% and we were able to reach our projected goal in 26 selling days.....needless to say, we were very pleased."


Green’s Furniture

Date: September 25, 2019 Category: In the News, US Testimonials

"We were very happy with the results."