Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Date:April 05, 2014 Category: Canada Testimonials



The Lynch Sales Company, in combination with Don and Carol Ashford, provided exceptional professional service for our 30-day exclusive sale. Their strong furniture background/experience and understanding of our specific needs made for a successful event. Don and Carol worked seamlessly with our team and even provided valuable sales training. As we have limited staff and resources, Don and Carol assisted in EVERY area of our business, I am truly grateful for ALL their contributions, (too many list). This hardworking couple maintained a continual positive outlook and really took ownership of the sale. They were sensitive to our needs throughout the process. Don and Carol are both: committed, reliable, punctual, trustworthy, honest, caring, understanding, thoughtful, respectful, courteous, friendly, kind, professional, focused and have strong sales acumen.

I am pleased and honoured to recommend both Lynch Company, specifically Don and Carol Ashford, for any special sales event. Not only did they achieve results and raise the bar, they accomplished it with grace. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first to hire an outside company to assist with our sale requirements. However, I am pleased to say it was the best decision we made for our circumstances. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding Lynch Sales Company and/or Don and Carol Ashford.

My team and I are truly thankful for all of Don and Carol's assistance and contributions to our successful sales event. We wish both Lynch Sales Company and Don and Carol the best ongoing success in their specialized sale events.

Respectfully and sincerely,

Zander Cook, President

ETHAN ALLEN, Kelowna, British Columbia