H.J. Garrett Furniture

Date:April 10, 2016 Category: US Testimonials

Dear Joe Connolly & Staff,

On behalf of the Garrett Family, we would like to thank the Lynch Sales Company and John & Jennifer Bailey for a successful “Going out of Business - Retirement Sale.”

After 55 years in the retail furniture business, we were uncertain as to how to go about a successful exit in the business. The Lynch Sales Company explained their procedures to which we were skeptical at first. After signing up then meeting John and Jennifer Bailey, we were very comfortable and confident as everything went smoothly, on target, on time with unbelievable results.

Every day, the sale ran like a fine tuned instrument. All the advertising, sales staff questions and office personel were well versed and supervised by John Bailey. Every person involved had an important role to play and did it very well.

We highly recommend the Lynch Sales Company and John & Jennifer Bailey for your going out of business, retirement or sale booster event.

James L. Garrett, Owner

H.J. Garrett Furniture • Costa Mesa, CA