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Date:June 26, 2023 Category: In the News, US Testimonials



Mr. Chris Dickason 
C/0 Lynch Sales Company 
3331 E. 32nd Place 
Tulsa, OK 74135 

When we finally decided that it was time to close our 52 year old furniture store and retire, we had basically two completely different methods of conducting the Closing Sale to choose from. 

METHOD # 1 ..... Sell our inventory to a Liquidator and turn over the keys of the store for their people to complete the total liquidation of our store, name, and history that we had worked so hard for so long to build. 

METHOD# 2 .... The Lynch Sale which allowed us to have more say and control in handling our customers and employees, yet accomplishing the same end with a path to retirement. 

We chose the Lynch Sale and never regretted our decision. With their Conductor, Greg Klaffka, carefully guiding and advising us to follow a well laid out plan that included additional sales staff, advertising budget and direction, exterior and interior signage, and projected goals, we were able to turn our inventory and maximize our special order sales above and beyond our expectations. His knowledge of the furniture business and experience in store closings was exactly what we needed, as he ''coached us'' along the way to follow ''the Plan'' each week. He did this in a very professional and convincing manor, but allowing us to make the final decisions. We couldn't have done this without his efforts and leadership. 

In short, we would highly recommend the Lynch Sales Company and Greg Klaftka to anyone looking to hold a special sales event of this kind. 



Dane and Keith Foucher

Hampton House Furniture