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Date:July 31, 2017 Category: In the News, US Testimonials


Dear Chris,

As you well know from your years closing "Ma and Pa" family businesses, it is a daunting task to close down a store.  Our business is 70 years old and there is a great deal of emotion and memories in saying goodbye to generations of customers. As we pondered closing, we asked many of our sales reps who we should bring in as a "closer."  Time and time again, Lynch was the answer we received.

From our first phone call to you, and then working with Chris Dickason,  we found the process to be seamless and extremely accommodating.  Chris was always available to answer our calls as well as help us when the closing dates needed to be changed.

As we approached our retirement sale, we found the marketing department to be very helpful but more importantly flexible in allowing us to edit the marketing material to suit the tone of our business. Although we did follow Dan Ledo's expertise when we had to get a little "boraxy" with the advertising.  We also have to commend Spencer Whittle, Step Ahead Marketing with the mobile social media..great numbers!

And then Gordon Zuliani walked into our store a week before our sale.  It is not easy having a stranger walk into a business where the owners are 100% hands on.  Gordon from the start understood the dynamics and tone of our store.  We worked together as a team as Gordon patiently listened and gave us his professional input.  

As our sale progressed,  it quickly became evident that the sale was very designer oriented as our special order business was beyond our expectations. Many of the buyers ended up being our old customers.  At times this proved to be a challenge to the Lynch sales staff as everyone was coming in to say goodbye and work with our designers. However, Gordon kept the sales staff working harmoniously which translated into good results.

We only have the highest of accolades for Gordon.  His even keel nature and kindness made our sale bearable as fatigue wore on.  At the beginning, we found the Lynch use of the word "conductor" amusing.  However, now as we are more than a week away from our last day, we realize that Gordon kept us all calm, productive and successful. He kept our train on the track and we arrived to our destination as expected.

Much thanks,

Joan and Ron Fisch
Hampton House