Date:July 11, 2018 Category: In the News, US Testimonials

Dear Chris,

We were very pleased with the Lynch Group conducting our store closing and consolidation sale. Their team listened carefully to our concerns and goals in implementing the sales event. We had to convey the need to call for an immediate call to action while at the same time protecting our reputation. The advertising they presented was classy and effective at the same time. Given the very expensive cost of advertising in our market, we have to maximize the effectiveness of the various media used for the event. Lynch was very cognizant of this and did not overly pressure us to get the message out.

The Lynch sales team was very effective and did a stellar job. They were well motivated and friendly to all of our clientele. Every Lynch sales associate truly enjoyed working with our many customer. It was reassuring that they understood the needs of our clients and sold the right products to meet their needs.

We were very gratified by the sales of their hand made rugs which greatly exceeded our expectations. The Rug sales team was first rate and very focused.

We thank the Lynch team for making our sales event a success and would gladly recommend them.


Jim Ehrenthal