Traditions of Loveville

Date:September 06, 2017 Category: In the News, US Testimonials


To: Chris Lynch

As a fiercely independent small business owner, I may have been the most skeptical of all customers when it came to hiring Lynch Sales to liquidate my small business of thirty-three years. I was convinced that whatever they could do, I could do myself. I gave it a lot of thought. I called another furniture company who had used Lynch Sales twice before. They gave Lynch huge accolades for the success of their sales. And I was tired. I wanted someone to take over, organize, and expedite the sale. 

And that they did. The ease with which the entire process occurred from start to finish, was remarkable. It was apparent when Mr. Chris Dickason flew out here to explain the company and the process they use that he was confident in Lynch's ability to do exactly what he said they could do. I now understand that the reputation that Lynch has earned over one hundred years is what sells their service. 

The sales conductor that Lynch sent to me, Mr. Greg Klaffka, could not have been a better fit for our store. It was truly amazing to witness Greg's dedication to the job — physically laboring here in the store six days a week. He is also a gifted salesperson, making many sales with gentle urging, good humor, and consistent professionalism. Many of my regular customers commented on how nicely Greg treated them (and I had built up a large contingency of regular customers over the years). 

We completed our liquidation sale in four weeks and we stayed well under our advertising budget. 

I am most happy to recommend Lynch sales to any business considering either a promotional sale or a liquidation sale. I couldn't be happier with my result. 


Rebecca K. Kozak, President 

Traditions of Loveville, Inc.