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Date:March 12, 2017 Category: In the News, US Testimonials



Dear Chris,

When I made the decision to close my store after 45 years I knew that it would be a significant undertaking to say the least. Add to that was the fact that I had to be out of my building by a specific date making things even more challenging. Having a successful store closing sale was essential. Because of my prior good experience with the Lynch Group, I did not have to waste time deciding who should handle the event , because in my opinion Lynch is the gold standard for their particular business. Being aware of my circumstances they pledged to send me their best conductor and they delivered. Chris Kulikowski, who ran the event perfectly and demonstrated exceptional concern for the interests of my company from beginning to end. From signage to pricing, advertising , staff management and especially product placement, Chris took care of everything. His hands on approach to continually rearrange our store as merchandise was sold maintained a fresh and appealing appearance. Chris's experience and knowledge along with his willingness to work as hard as he did for us resulted in a very successful sale event. I am greatly respectful and appreciative of his effectiveness.


Gary Di Anthony