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Date:November 22, 2019 Category: About Lynch, In the News, US Testimonials



Dear Chris,

When I decided to retire and close my 135 year old high end family furniture business, I knew I needed someone with expertise in this kind of high impact sale. It was important to me that we achieve our goals of selling our inventory while still preserving both our store's reputation and my personal reputation.

We were very pleased with our choice of the Lynch Company. Tom Mcdonald, our Coordinator did an excellent job of getting us organized for the event and leading us through the process. The extra sales staff that he recruited and brought in did an excellent job and fit in well with our own sales staff. We could not possibly have been successful without Tom and his team.

Our sale results were pretty amazing. On the first day we had over 2500 customers through the store and wrote the business we had projected to do in the first full week. We had anticipated the sale would run approximately 8 weeks but at the end of the 4th week we had essentially achieved our goals.

We would unreservedly recommend to anyone planning a high impact event that they work with the Lynch Sales Company. We could not be more pleased with the process and the results.

All the best,

John Batte
Batte Furniture & Interiors
Jackons, MS