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Date:December 29, 2019 Category: In the News, US Testimonials




To Chris Lynch, Lynch Sales Company

My decision came quickly. After just two weeks of considering retiring out of business, I called the Lynch Company. I spoke with Chris Dickason and just a few days later he came to my store to meet in person. I liked what he had to say and signed on the spot. Three weeks later, the store conductor, Greg Klaffka arrived at the store and a week later, the sale started. All this in six weeks. It was amazing how the amount of planning that goes into this was accomplished so quickly.

Greg was a perfect match for us. He brought in a group of professional sales people who were wonderful. Greg kept me well informed on a daily basis and all decisions were mine to make with his suggestions and guidance. My advice would be to use the Lynch method 100%. The few small things and one larger decision I made outside their system left me scrambling to get things back on track. Greg was on site and with me every step of the way. He was invaluable to the success of the sale.

I highly recommend the Lynch Company.

John Plotkin