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Date:August 03, 2020 Category: Canada Testimonials, In the News



Dear Lynch Team,

Thank you! Thank you for providing us with an event that was not only successful, but done with integrity, clarity and a well laid out plan.  The entire event to my surprise also maintained our reputation and good standing in the community. 

My biggest regret is fretting so long about bringing your company in to run our event.  I doubted your sales projections, I was hesitant of my staff's reaction, I was unsure if the event would be sufficient to rescue our company and I was nervous about how the event would leave our reputation.  I should not have worried, Gordon and his team were excellent!  Gordon guided the event from start to finish with tremendous confidence, positive attitude and care to the emotional struggles of my staff and myself that change brings.  Even when we had to shut down in the middle of the event due to Covid, Gordon was there communicating and planning with us so we were able to successfully complete the sale once we were allowed to reopen. 

So why did I choose Lynch?  Part of it was having seen other stores use Lynch successfully and the management of those stores talking highly of Lynch.  The other reason I chose lynch was the recognition that a promotional sale was not in our natural wheelhouse.  Over 17 years we had built a reputation of being the modern furniture store in our province, with designers and decorators to create rooms and everyday value pricing. We understand our brand and know what our clients want, but when our economy continually contracted for 4 years we needed drastic action.  We simply lacked the knowledge of how to run an aggressive promotion event.  We tried our best to run a promotion event in house, but only got poor results.  We got higher margin and so much larger sales numbers by using Lynch.  By using you, I have found peace from the struggles we faced and was able to walk away from revolve furnishings leaving the business to my business partner knowing that our company was once again on the right footing. 

I will be glad to recommend Lynch and Gordon to any other furniture business requiring drastic change.

Jeff Stoner
Founder and Former Owner of Revolve Furnishings