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Date:December 15, 2018 Category: In the News, US Testimonials


Dear Chris,

We are in the final days of our 'Store Closing - Retirement Sale' and I want to let you know how pleased my brother Darryl and I are with the way Lynch Sales handled our sale, and more

importantly ... the results!

Thirteen years ago, following a prolonged recession that we were ill-prepared for, we found ourselves in urgent need of capital. Lynch responded with a Remodeling Sale which gave us the capital we needed and in fact allowed us to actually remodel and improve areas of our showroom. After 38 years, we have accepted an offer to sell our property and after our first experience, we never gave a thought to contacting anyone but Lynch Sales.

From our first meeting with Joe Connolly, who showed incredible patience with our 'on again ... off again' sale start dates, to your incredible conductor team of John and Jennifer Bailey, who made it all happen, we couldn't be more pleased . John worked tirelessly helping us prepare the showroom for the sale and he managed the advertising and social media like the pro he is. Jennifer functioned as both an amazing sales trainer and a pretty darn good interior designer, as well. Both have friendly, calm demeanors that comforted my design staff from day one .

During the event, every encounter and decision made was always in our best interest. John & Jennifer also brought a terrific staff of 'traveling designers' who were friendly and professional. John made sure we stayed in the agreed advertising budget and with John and Jennifer's guidance, in just 1 O weeks we sold 82% of our previous year's sales. When Joe estimated what he thought sales could be, Darryl and I doubted his number could be accomplished in such a short time. But, we also thought if he got anywhere close, we'd be thrilled. Well, with John and Jennifer's guidance, the goal was exceeded by 10%. I'm glad I'm not a gambler, I'd have bet against that happening.

Darryl and I are more than satisfied. Feel free to use this letter as a recommendation to anyone that needs to raise capital or close their store. We've done both with you.

With much appreciation,

Ronald Haas