Date:August 30, 2018 Category: In the News, UK Testimonials



Dear Gareth

I am writing with reference to the recent Lynch Refurbishment Sale Event in Elphicks of Farnham. As you are aware, this my second experience of a Lynch Sales Event but the first for Elphicks of Farnham department store. I am delighted, as a business, we have once again chosen to use your services.

Whilst the retail climate and general trading conditions with the High Street continue to be very challenging, it is even more remarkable to see your budget predictions met and exceeded. The key highlights are as follows:

• In excess of £1 million take in 22 trading days

• In excess of 5,000 customers through the doors on day one

• Marketing cost kept to budget and coming in at under 7%

• Margins maximised while driving volume

• Professional hands-on support throughout the whole process

• Significant stock holding cleared

• Increased store awareness to its highest level in years

• Huge uplift in both returning existing customers and new customers to the store

Like any successful event and activity in business, it is down to careful planning and preparation. Your business format really does work, and has been tried and tested time and time again.

Whilst the event ran smoothly from start to finish, a huge part of the credit is down to your sales coordinator Mark Valiant. He is a great team player and communicates well at all levels. He remains highly motivated and focused on the task at all times. Mark is a very experienced retail professional!

Finally, I would highly recommend your services of the Lynch Sales Company to other retail businesses.

Huge congratulations to you and the team.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Bushnell

Group Merchandising and Operations Director