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Date:August 07, 2018 Category: In the News, UK Testimonials


Dear Gareth

On behalf of Mum and I, a huge thank you for all the help and support from the Lynch Sales Company in planning and managing our £628,000 Store Closing Sale.

The event exceeded our expectations. By nature I'm a very cautious person but I have been left speechless with the results. By lunchtime on the first day of the private sale we had beaten our best ever single day's trading in twenty-two years by some distance! I only wish my Dad had been with me to experience the sheer thrill of it all. He would have been simply blown away by it.

Having lost my Dad less than eighteen months before the event, this sales event was going to be far more to Mum and I than just another sales promotion, it also had to be a fitting tribute to my Dad and it certainly did deliver on both counts. 

The sheer professionalism and attention to detail was excellent. Our appointed sales co-ordinator, Ray, was our guardian angel throughout. He helped me personally find the strength to see through such a huge task and was an inspiration to us all. Mum and I will never forget the sheer kindness, understanding and respect you and especially Ray showed us throughout the whole process.

Having now been through a Lynch Sales Event, the main lesson I have learnt is to get behind the whole process to make the event as successful as possible, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone.

I would certainly recommend or use your services again

A great job done

Yours sincerely

William Cole

Managing Director