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Date:July 05, 2016 Category: US Testimonials


Dear Mr. Lynch of Lynch Sales Company,

I would like to tell you how our Great $4,000,000 Showroom Sale went under the guidance of your company and team. Together with your staff, we had an incredibly successful sale where we exceeded our expectations for the store. In 3 weeks we had more good customers come through our doors than we typically have in 3 months. Through your sale we gained many new quality customers and developed many new lasting relationships.

Mr. Delgado and the Lynch personnel integrated seamlessly with our staff and everyone enjoyed working with each other. Andrew, Rhonda and Barry were a pleasure to have in our store and would be welcomed back any time. The Lynch system made the entire process run like clockwork from beginning to end and we could not have asked for a smoother sale.

We appreciate all of the work Mr. Delgado and your staff did to make this sale so successful all while maintaining the integrity of our family owned store. All our lifelong clients were very pleased with the sale and we cultivated many new clients for the future.

We will definitely think of Lynch Sales Company for our next sale and would love to have Mr. Delgado and your staff back in our store.


Phil Stoma

Stoma’s Furniture & Interiors