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Date:July 13, 2016 Category: About Lynch, In the News

A Partial List of Lynch Sales Company Clients:

For more than 100 years, the Lynch Sales Company has been serving clients all over the United States, see who has hired us in your area.


Alabama Clients

Barrow Furniture

Birmingham Wholesale *

Bradens Furniture

Bragg’s Ethan Allen Gallery

Casual & Custom Furniture

Creations Furniture

Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Ethan Allen Huntsville

Fine Furniture

Johnson Galleries


Marks Fitzgerald Furniture Co. *

Oxford Galleries

Townhouse Galleries

Village Carriage House

Ventress Furniture


Alaska Clients

Elaine Baker & Associates *


Arizona Clients

Baker's Furniture                                              

Breuner's Furniture *                                        

Ciel House                                                        

Contents Furniture                                           

Creative Leather  *                                           

Designers Showcase

Fiesta Furnishings                                             

Flexsteel Comfort Seating                                

Kreative Kids Furniture                                    

Lane Home Furnishings                                    

Mehagian's/Ladlow's *                                     

Norwood Furniture

Santa Fe Savvy  *                                               

Weberg Furniture


Arkansas Clients

Abide Furniture                                                 

Bassett Direct Plus Furniture                            

Bassett Kincaid                                                 

Bynum Home Furniture                                     

David Claibourne Ltd.                                       

David Martin Interiors

Dennis Furniture                                               

Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Goins Statewide Furniture


California Clients

Bassett Furniture Direct                                   

Berg's Distinctive Interiors                               

BJ's Richardson Furniture Company *                                                       

Carl's Fine Home Furnishings *

Carl’s Fine Furniture*                                       

Charles Fine Furniture                                      

Chazan's Furniture Company                           

Classic Furniture Gallery                                  

Cottonwood of Arroyo                                      

Covey Lamm Interiors                                       

Drexel Heritage Home Inspirations

Drexel Heritage of Santa Rosa

Drexel Heritage of Oakland                             

Danica House                                                    

Daylight Home & Patio                                     

Dennee's Distinctive Interiors                          

Design & Interiors *                                          

Eastern Furniture *                                           

Ethan Allen Home Interiors *                            

Furnishings International                                 

Galisteo Home Furnishings                               

Gary O. Furniture  *                                          

Glabman's Furniture  *

HJ Garrett Furniture*                                        

H. Johnson Furniture                                         

Hanford Furniture *                                          

Hawkes & Smythe                                             

Heritage Court Fine Furniture                          

Higgins Furniture Shops                                    

Homestead House                                            

Hutchinson Fine Furniture                                

Image Home Furnishings                                  

Interior Resources                                            

Joseph Christian                                               

Lane Home Furnishings                                    

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries                           

Laurel's Fine Furniture                                      

Mar-Lynn's Furniture                                        

Marx Leather & Home Office                           

McCreery's Fine Furniture                                 

McEwens Furniture                                           

Mirage Furniture                                               

Model Interiors                                                 

Norwalk Furniture


Osborne's Ethan Allen                                      

Packwood's Furniture Gallery*                         

PS Home Furniture                                            

Reeds & Son Furniture                                      

Richelieu Furniture Collection                          

Rubenstein’s Norwalk

Sanders Furniture                                             

Scofield's Furniture *

Seaside Home                                                   

Silverado Furniture Co.                                     

Slater’s Furniture *                                           

Sofa Sensations                                                

Sonoma Design Center                                     

Suburban House*                                              

Swann's Furniture Gallery                                 

Thomasville Home Furn. by Trimble Western   

TFT Interiors *                                                   

Valley Manor Ethan Allen *                              

Yeager’s Carriage House                                  

Walker's Furniture Co.

WMB – Ethan Allen San Jose


Colorado Clients

Concepts Home                                                

Beeline Furniture

Davis & Shaw                                                    

Design Center                                                   

Franklin Furniture

Furnishing Touch of Vail

Furniture Classics                                             

Gregory's Contemporary Design                       

H.W. Antiques                                                   

Howard Lorton Furniture                                  

Ivanhoe Furniture                                             

Kacey Fine Furniture *                                      

Levitz Furniture

Michael Handler Fine Home Furn.                    

Sindelir Home Furnishings                                

The Finishing Touch of Vail                              

Vail Furniture                                                    

Westwood Home Furnishings                           

Whitney’s of Greenwood Village


Connecticut Clients

Argene Interiors                                               

Avrick Furniture

Baker’s Country Furniture                                

Bassett Furniture Direct                                   

Brown Brothers                                                 

Bullard's Furniture                                            

Connecticut Home Interiors*                            

Country Manor of Branford                              

Drexel Heritage                                                

Ethan Allen Derby

Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Expressions Custom Furniture                          

Hallocks Furniture & Appliance                        

Hayden Wayside Furniture                                

Henry Dick & Son Furniture Co.                        

Kensington Furniture                                        

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries                           

Lillian August Designs  *                                  

Marlborough Barn                                             

Nassau Furniture  *                                           

Shafner's Fine Furniture                                    

Stickley, Audi & Co. *                                        

Thomasaville Galleries  *                                 

Thomasville Home Furnishings                         

Wayside Furniture *

Wayside Ethan Allen


Delaware Clients

Bassett Furniture Direct                                   

Lane Home Furnishings


Florida Clients

Artistic Interiors                                               

Aaron's Fine Furniture  *                                   

Acrylic World                                                     

Baer's Furniture  *                                             

Bay Furniture                                                    

Brown Interior Design *                                    

Burgess Carriage House *                                

Carl's Furniture  *                                             

Carolina Place Furniture Gallery                      

Casual Creations

Claussen’s Fine Furniture                                 

Decor House *                                                   

Designer Furniture                                            

Designers Showcase                                         

Eclectic Home Furnishings *                             

Ethan Allen Home Interiors  *

Ethan Allen Jacksonville

Ethan Allen Ormond Beach

Ethan Allen Tampa

Furniture Classic                                               


Haynes Brothers Furniture  *                            

Hilda Flack Interiors  *                                      

Inside Out                                                         

Keil & Krist Furniture                                        

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries                           

Marshall's Interiors *                                        

Miles Furniture                                                 


P.J. Newman Fine Furn.                                     

Patio Concepts                                                 

Saxon Clark Furniture  *                                   

Seven Hills Interiors                                          

Showcase Interiors *

Stacy's Ethan Allen                                            


Taddinger's Home Furnishings                         

The Iron Gate                                                    

The Koontz Co.                                                 

Thomasville by Harrison*                                 

Thomasville of Orlando                                    


Webster's Leather Galleries

 Veranda Home Furnishings


Georgia Clients

Allen Waters

Austin Furniture                                                

Bassett Furniture Direct                                   

Beverly Hall Furniture  *                                   

Beverly Hall Too Furniture                                

Bostwick’s Furniture  *

Buckhead Design Center                                  

Chafin Furniture                                               

Christopher Michaels Furniture                        

Darren's Designs                                               

Destination Home by Beverly Hall                    

Dwyer's Furniture                                              

Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Fabulous Finds                                                  

Flack's Interiors*                                               

Fricks Fine Furniture *                                      

Fuerniss Furniture. & Interiors  *                      

General Freight Furniture*                               

Georgetown Interiors

Great Deals on Furniture  *

Home Furniture                                                 

House of Denmark *

Joel's Furniture                                                  



Patterson Furniture *                                        

Perry/Mobley Furniture                                    

Rose Cottage Furniture

The Furniture Gallery                                        

The House Fine Furniture                                 

Thomasville Home Furn. by Beverly Hall*         

Town & Country                                                

Traditional Plus Interiors                                  



Idaho Clients

Classic Interiors                                                

Ennis Thomasville Home Furnishings *

Ennis Fine Furniture   *


Illinois Clients

Burress Oriental                                               

Caledonian  *                                                    

Carrington House Home Furnishings


D. Edmunds Interiors                                        

Design House/House of Teak

Design Studio                                                    

Distinctive Interiors                                          

Divincens Home Furnishings                             

Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Furniture Country                                             

Honquest Fine Furnishings  *                            

House of Teak

Hubbards Ethan Allen                                       

Hufford Furniture                                              

LaMode Furniture                                             

Madison Furniture                                            

Magellan's Furniture                                         

Morrison's Ethan Allen *                                   

Plunkett Furniture *                                          

Stern's Carriage House                                     

Thomasville by Zierk's*                                    


Indiana Clients

Busk Bros. Furniture                                         

E.R.L. Furniture                                                  

Elegant Outdoors                                              

Ethan Allen Southbend *

Expressions Custom Furniture


Indiana Home                                                   

John Kirk Furniture                                           


Matrox Interiors                                               

Ries Furniture

Rustic Hutch                                                      

Village Lamp & Furniture                                  

Wayne Furniture


Iowa Clients         

Allen’s Furniture *                                            

Artis Furniture *                                                

Ethan Allen Home Interiors                              

Finer Things                                                      

Hatch Furniture                                                 

Huebotter's Furniture                                       

Jerry's Furniture

Kraai Furniture                                                 

Matt Furniture *                                                

Mueller's Furniture                                           

Statements Furniture                                        

Wayne Montgomery Furniture


Kansas Clients

Abode Home

Ellis Furniture                                                    

Home Gallery By Cohlmia                                 

Home Gear Furniture & Design

Jilka Furniture                                                   

Orman's Furniture  *                                         

Orr's Furniture City                                           

Sauer's Furniture                                                                                       

Vargas Furniture


Kentucky Clients


Carriage House Ethan Allen*

Carriage House Louisville*                               

Cherry House *                                                 

Crass Furniture

Drexel-Heritage Louisville *                            

Ethan Allen Home Interiors                              

Evans Furniture

Fleming Furniture *                                           

Furniture Warehouse


Stoess Manor                                                    

The Craftsman Collection


Louisiana Clients

Aycock-Roberts Furniture

Beth Claybourn Interiors

Bodie’s Furniture                                              

Cedars Home Furnishings                                 

Designers Outlet Showroom

 Dixie Furniture                                                  

Doerr Furniture

Ethan Allen Home Interiors

Grand Gallery Baton Rouge *                            

Gerard Furniture