Why Lynch is Different!

Date:July 20, 2016 Category: About Lynch

Why Lynch is Different

By Chris Dickason • Executive Director Of Sales, North America • Lynch Sales Company • July 19th, 2015

1. More recent client testimonials than anyone - Many firms in our industry publish the same testimonials they have used for several years without any recent updates or dates on them. We have over 15 published and dated client recommendations from just 2013-2014, including closing sales and promotional events.

2. A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an accredited business since 1989 - No other firm in our industry can match our rating or length of accreditation.

3. We have never been sued by a client, NOR have we ever sued a client - We work as strategic partners in our events.   We give you conservative and realistic sales and profit projections, and get great results for our clients.  Legal action involving other firms in our industry can be pulled up with a simple Internet search.  We have no such actions.

4. We do both Closing Sales and Promotional Sales - We've raised over $1 billion for our clients over the years utilizing our many different types of Sale Events, and have the expertise to help you pick the right LYNCH event for your situation.

5. We've been getting great results for our clients for 100 years - almost double that of our closest competitor.  We are the only firm in our industry that has seen our clients through The Great Depression and The Great Recession, and we can help you through these turbulent times as well.

6. A Conservative Sales and Profit Projection in Writing - Many firms will not give you a detailed accounting of what it will take to have a successful sale event.  They only tell you that they "know what they are doing".   At Lynch, we give you a conservative projection to help you decide your best course of action based on our 100 years in the industry.

Only Lynch brings 100 years of experience and integrity to your business, preserving your good name while generating the cash you need now. When you hold a Lynch Sale, you’ll also benefit from the Lynch sale coordinators, and our experienced team of furniture sales professionals that work side-by-side with your own staff to ensure a successful sale.