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Date:December 01, 2016 Category: UK Testimonials


Dear Gareth,

Our second Lynch sale has now come to an end and I just wanted to drop down a few of my thoughts. We held a Lynch sale back in 2013 that, at the time I described as unbelievable; I have to say I was more than a little concerned with the current climate that things just wouldn’t be the same and that the savvy customers of today would not respond again. How wrong could I be? With an improved marketing package and both Mark and yourself pulling out all the stops to get us ready and off with a bang as we again hit the same heady figures of three years earlier.

I would have to say that the last 5 weeks have again been hard work and tiring but the success and enjoyment that this has brought with it far out ways the tired legs. Mark Valiant, again, stayed with us throughout the event to represent The Lynch Sales Company. From start to finish he helped drive the sales, motivate staff, leading by example to ensure, no matter what came our way that we all pulled together to achieve the results required. The way he just fits into the team and gets things done makes me wonder what we will do without him. As a family run business having someone that can just walk in and seem like they have worked for us for years is just so important.

He not only helped us to achieve in excess of 33% of our annual turnover in just twenty-six trading days but kept control of the marketing cost in line with our agreed budget, ensuring we raised the profile of the business. I am sure will keep us top of mind in the local market for many weeks to come.

Overall, another tremendous result, that leaves me feeling confident to recommend the Lynch Sales Company to anyone looking to clear aged stock, maximize future orders and drive that all important cash flow through their doors.

Thanking you both for all your hard work and support.

Kind Regards

Bryn & Tina Whitaker